How To Safely Operate A Mini-Excavator

How To Safely Operate A Mini-ExcavatorSource: Pexels

At a work site, you might also find mini-excavators, which are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment from there. It is very important how people are using this machine. We’ve written this article to give you some tips on how to operate a mini-excavator. If you need Lift and Dig Equipment Hire, this is where you should be.

1. Pre-Check Your Mini-Excavator

Make sure that you always put up the seat belt before you start the excavator. Never start operating the machine without being properly seated in the cab.

Under no circumstance should you carry passengers in or on the machine. Also, don’t forget to check the indicator and the gauge lights.

Make sure you are aware of the bystanders and your colleagues before you start the machine. Then test the slew, blade controls, and the boom before you start doing your task.

2. Moving With The Mini-Excavator

Before you start moving the machine, make sure there’s no one in your path or around you. Make a straight line (as straight as you can) in your way to your destination, and start making small and gradual changes in the direction if it’s necessary.

Always when you’re going on rough terrain, make sure you slow down.

When you go on a slope, make sure that you go up or down vertically on the slope, and not diagonally against the slope. Also, the boom arm should be extended forward, and the buckets should be placed low to the ground in order to counter balance the machine. This way, the buckets will be quickly dropped to grip the ground if the machine starts to slip down the slope.

3. Digging With The Mini-Excavator

Before you start the excavations, make sure that you have checked with the local authorities that you are allowed to dig the area and to see if there are any potential buried lines or pipes.

When you dig a trench, make sure that your machine is level to the ground. This will give you more safety and will assist you when it comes to making your trench floor level.
Don’t place your excavator too close to the edge of a trench, and keep in mind that you should never dig under the excavator – this will make the ground unstable, and the machine could collapse into the excavation.

4. Shutting Down The Mini-Excavator

When it comes to shutting down the machine, you should park it on a level surface and have the bucket, and the blade lowered to the ground. Then you should set the RPM to low before you switch off the engine by using the key. Don’t forget to raise the pilot shut-off level to put it to the off position before you exit the machine.

Make sure that when you exit the machine, you’re facing it and that you always maintain three points of contact.