How To Save Your Business From Being Sued

How To Save Your Business From Being SuedSource: Pexels

Running a small business is hard enough without the prospect of being sued. Unfortunately, it does sometimes happen. Business owners can be so careful to look after their employees and customers, that they forget something else and suddenly find themselves needing the help of a lawyer. It does not matter how intent you are on running a business that complies with all the laws and regulation and is fair to everyone, if someone finds a chink in your armor they will try to take advantage of it.

1. Avoid Harassment And Discrimination

Often, the harassers are at management level and in large corporations, they have procedures in place to deal with these problems. Smaller businesses do not always though but harassment and discrimination claims are something you want to avoid at all costs. You should deal with any complaints without delay, and speak with your team about the implications, especially any managers. Complaints such as these are one of the most common reasons for small businesses being sued.

2. Ignorance Is No Defence

Because you were unaware of a rule or regulation about your product, service or employees does not mean that you cannot be sued. As a business owner, it is up to you to make sure you keep up to date with all of these matters if you want to avoid ending up in court.

Just as an example, motor traders, mechanics or anyone that uses vehicles as part of their trade, have to ensure that so many things are in order, not just the condition of their vehicles. They also need to understand the rules about road risks, accidental damage to other road users and much more. They also need to have decent insurance from a company like One Sure Insurance. This is just one example and it applies to lots of things from running heavy machinery to working with the public too. You need to ensure that you have covered all bases if you want to protect your business.

3. Customer Service

If you always provide an excellent customer service and deal with any problems without delay, customers are far less likely to sue you. You could compensate them for their issue yourself with some free goods or something similar and then the chances of them taking you to court are greatly reduced.

4. Health And Safety

It is in the interests of your employees, customers other visitors to your business premises and your business itself to have the highest standard of health and safety measures in place. Just someone slipping on a wet floor can cause him or her to be injured and you to be facing a personal injury lawsuit. The potential cases that could arise from poor health and safety include product liability claims for defective goods, personal property damage, and personal injury claims if your business was at fault. There are attorneys that specialize in these types of cases and often they work on a no win no fee basis. This encourages people to sue, as they know it will not cost them anything if they lose the case.

Lawsuits of all types cannot only be costly; they can also be time-consuming and damaging to the reputation of your business. It is best to avoid them if you can, which is why sometimes, even when the fault is unclear, businesses settle the claim before it gets to court.