How To Spend Less On Your Mobile Phone Bill Each Month

How To Spend Less On Your Mobile Phone Bill Each MonthSource:

Have you ever heard of “bill shock” before? It’s a term that gets used to describe the horror you feel when you see your latest mobile phone bill. As you can imagine, this happens when you have higher than usual charges to pay.

For most people, that happens when they go over their monthly allowances or “quotas” on their mobile tariffs. It can also happen if they call destinations that aren’t part of their free calling benefits.

Have you found yourself in that predicament in the past? Or is it something that seems to happen a lot? If so, you’re not alone. But the good news is that you can do something about it! Follow these top tips to help you cut down on your mobile phone bill costs.

1. Find Out What’s Going On

The first step is to determine what the reason for your high bills is. You can do that by downloading copies of your mobile bills from your network provider. Some will even send you bills in the post.

It might sound like a laborious task. But it’s a significant step to discovering why your monthly bills are costing you a small fortune!

2. Consider Changing Your Tariff

It doesn’t matter whether you are on a pre-pay or post-pay tariff. You will usually have plenty of options to choose from so that you can get assigned a more suitable tariff. It might sound odd, but a more expensive tariff can save you money.

That’s because more allowances get included in the deal. For example, let’s say you are a heavy voice call user. If you switch to a different tariff that offers unlimited calls, those extra charges you’ve been paying will be a thing of the past!



3. Are You On A Low Income?

If you find it hard to make ends meet, paying for expensive mobile bills is clearly the last thing you need! But, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for you.

Companies like Q Link Wireless offer free cell phones and tariffs to low-income earners. They can do this thanks to government subsidies. Do some research on the “Federal Lifeline Program” for more details on how it works, and to find out if you’re eligible.

4. Consider Changing Your Network Provider

Not all networks offer the same deals. In fact, there will always be some that offer cheaper deals than what you’re paying. Staying loyal to your network doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy lower prices.

You can take your mobile phone number with you to any new network. That means you are free to choose your network provider. Spend some time online checking out the latest deals and seeing which one is best for your needs.

5. Avoid Buying Stuff With Your Phone

Today’s smartphones let you buy things on your handset. You can buy apps for it, or you can buy digital services like premium access for television and Web services. Some people even use their phones to donate money to charity.

The best thing to do is stop buying stuff with your mobile phone! You can often find free apps for your device. And you can donate to charity in other ways, such as giving them unwanted clothing and goods that they can sell on.