How To Stand Out As A Freelance Travel Writer

How To Stand Out As A Freelance Travel WriterSource: Pixabay

The life of a travel writer seems irresistibly glamorous; what could be better than getting to travel to exotic beaches, chic cities, and hidden corners in Eastern Europe, while getting paid to do so. Unfortunately, the appeal of the job doesn’t overshadow the fact that it’s still a job. Any freelancer knows that if you don’t write outstanding content for your clients, you don’t get paid, and your way of life suffers. The key to becoming a successful, freelance travel writer is to make sure your material stands out amongst the rest. Whether you’re traveling to relatively undiscovered locations, or spending a weekend in New York on a budget, here are a few ways you can build a stellar reputation as a travel writer.

1. Instagram

Traveling is a very visual activity, because everyone wants to see something exotic and breathtaking. Instagram is the best social media platform for posting gorgeous snapshots of your travels. Link it up to your blog or website, and use it to get followers interested in your observations and adventures within the aforementioned picture. As an added bonus, it also suggests to travel magazines and brochures that you’re good at taking professional-looking pictures on your phone, or your camera. This gives you another way to make money while you’re on your travels.

How To Stand Out As A Freelance Travel Writer

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2. Learn a New Language

Knowing how to speak with the locals is an excellent way to survive as a traveller, but it can also benefit you as a writer. By making your blog posts available in another language, you expand your potential client base to a wider audience – after all, everyone in the world dreams of traveling to faraway lands. If you don’t yet have enough skills to write an article in a foreign language, you can use a translating service to offer a more reliable version of your article. That said, you should still try to develop your language skills so you can offer to write for a foreign magazine. Expanding your client base can only be good for business, and you will get more high calibre clients if your skills stand out against the competition.

3. Always be Active Online

You might not be traveling to a new destination every week, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop working on your business – and like it or not, your travel writing career is now your own business. Getting work as a writer is no longer a one-way street where you constantly pitch your work to magazines and hope they’ll pay you for your work. Editors can now contact you through your website and social media accounts because they like your style of writing, but this will only happen if you’re constantly working. Even when you’re not traveling, write about place you’ve previously visited, or list the places you’d like to travel to next, or if there’s a city that you particularly enjoyed, write an in-depth article listing reasons why everyone should go there. Sooner or later, your hard work will help you become a travel writer.