How To Stop Hackers In Their Tracks This Year

How To Stop Hackers In Their Tracks This YearSource: Pixabay

With the need for technology in our lives in this modern day, we often spend a lot of time thinking about the best ways we can protect ourselves and our data online every day. Today we are going to take a look at some of the different ways that we can stop hacker in their tracks and make sure that they cannot steal or use our information in a bad way.

1. Update Your Computer Often

As important as it might seem to you to have that extra 5-10 minutes working on your stuff rather than switching off for an update, the update is always much more important. Updating your computer will do several things for the system. It will be used to increase the usability and the performance of your machine, update different applications and such, and it will also be used to add blocks against viruses. As a hacker gets smart they will start to use different methods to break down a computer’s defences, and our operating system can fight back by doing updates which will create new barriers against hackers. This is why updating your computer whenever it asks you to is worth the time.

2. Get Antivirus Software

How would you know if you had a dormant virus on your machine right now? You wouldn’t unless you had antivirus software and testing software such as Make sure that you take the time and effort to get software like this onto your machine as soon as you can so that you can then use this to rid your device of anything which might damage it.

3. Make Difficult Passwords

It is SO SO SO crucial that you make the effort to create much more strong passwords for the accounts you have. Using a generator like LastPass can be great because it will allow you to have random strings of letters and numbers which will be incredibly hard for someone to hack into. Be sure that you take the time to make a password which is longer than 8 characters and which will be difficult for people to crack. Using random words and numbers can be a good option for example using something like ‘orangeunicorn385’ or something similar.

4. Lock Your Computer

Whenever you get up from your desk or you leave the room, always make sure that you take the time to lock your computer. Locking your device is so important for you to do because it will make a huge difference to your security. If there are other employees or family members who might try to access your device when you leave the room, it is crucial for you to protect yourself in this way.

5. Don’t Use Untrusted Websites

A trusted and secure website will always start with https. If a website you visit doesn’t have this as a prefix this means it is not secure and this can be dangerous for you as a worker on your machine. Be sure to stick to websites you trust because insecure ones can end up affecting your machine and your data.