How To Survive A Merger

How To Survive A MergerSource: Pixabay

A merger is when one company acquires another and combines it with its own resources. This can usually be a pretty stressful time for both companies, especially the one that is being taken over. As folks don’t know what the extent of the changes will be, and who will get to keep their jobs. But a merger is something that is survivable if you follow the tips and tricks below.

1. Get secure

The first thing a lot of people will want to do if they are involved in a business merger is to ensure that their employees’ job are secure.

It is very common for the purchaser in a takeover to lay off workers, especially if they have people employed that can do the same job for both businesses.

This creates a lot of stress and upset, and can seriously interfere with productivity. That is why it is best if the first thing to be negotiated is who will stay. As it gives everyone a better sense of security and the ability to move forward with the tasks in hand.

2. Working together

How To Survive A Merger

Source: Pixabay

Another essential tip for surviving a merger is to blend the two companies together successfully. However, this can be more easily said than done.

This is because not only do you have the physical side of merging thing together like the sites, equipment, tools and data, but you also have to get folks that may well have been competitors to work on the same side.

Of course, this can actually work well, as it’s likely that employees will share a lot of exercise and experience. But the trick is to make smart management decisions and get everyone pulling in the same direction. This can take some clever role assigning as well as careful monitoring; until things are working successfully again.

3. Do your research

Also, it’s a good idea that before the merger occurs, that you do your research. This means not only looking into the financial viability of the company that you plan to take over, but also the motivations and background of the people working there too.

However, this a very specialised field and it can often work better if you use a firm experienced in doing due diligence. Then you know that you have done everything you can to protect your future invest.

4. Move forward

After the initial chaos of the merger, the most important thing to make it a success is to be able to move forward together as a single company. But how can you facilitate this?

Well, the most important thing is to move out the past, and into the future. Do this by setting realistic and motivating goals that will drive the company forward.

It can also help to make positive changes such as staff rewards and socials to help soften the blow a bit.

5. Show value

How To Survive A Merger

Source: Pixabay

Lastly, if the company that has been taken over, it is vital that they show value to successfully survive a merger.

By demonstrating that they have something relevant to contribute; like sales, profits, or the smooth running of the organisation as a whole, they can ensure the future survival and success.