How Your Business Can Give Back To The Community

How Your Business Can Give Back To The CommunitySource: Flickr

It’s easy for businesses to get bogged down with day to day functions. The focus on making profits and being successful can mean that the bigger picture can often get lost. There are many benefits available to businesses who give back to communities, with some great examples to be learnt from other companies who’ve shown excellent best practice. Take a look at these great ideas on how your business can give back below.

1. Support Other Local Businesses

One way to show that you’re a part of your community is to show support to other non-competing businesses in your area. This could be through giving them some promotion on your blog or website and being supportive of their activities on social media. You could also set up networking opportunities that allow you to connect with other local businesses and give them the chance to expand their contacts too. Using local products and services is another way you can show that your business is a community-focused company.

2. Provide Training, Education And Workshops

Your business has a lot of potential to teach others. Whether you work in technology, marketing or another type of industry – there are opportunities you can offer your local community that will help to enhance skills and experience. The BBC offers a great example in its School Report programme, in which they go out to schools to run journalism workshops and teaching children skills that not only benefit their studies but could pave the way to a career in the media. If you have something to offer, you could provide a valuable experience for those in your community.

3. Get Staff Involved In Charity Projects

Getting employees involved in charity projects has been shown to improve morale as well as strengthen working relationships. From helping out with community gardens or volunteering at soup kitchens, there are some wonderful ways your teams can help get out in the community and do some good. A lovely example comes from New Era Fuels, who regularly make visits to local children’s hospitals to spend time with the children and bring presents and goodies. With Christmas coming up, this could be a truly worthwhile way for your business to do something for others.

4. Sponsor Local Events Or Clubs

Many businesses will host their own charity events, organising dinners and fundraisers to raise money for a specific cause. If you can’t do this because of budgets or logistics, another suggestion could be to sponsor events instead and work with other local organisations to either donate money or services to help run the event. You could consider sponsoring a local sports team which can also help to get your name out in the local community.

Giving back makes your business more credible, as well as helping you to create a good impression on the local community. It lets your business become much more than just about making money and puts you at the heart of your local area. If you’re concerned that there’s not enough time to dedicate to giving back, look at ways to waste less time on common problems to allow more time for other ventures. Start thinking about how your business can give back and so some good in your local community.