Introducing Indie Rock ‘n’ Soul Band ‘Midnight Mosaic’

Midnight Mosaic

Midnight Mosaic is an eclectic collective of entertainers, whose original brand of Rock ‘n’ Soul drives their audiences to dance and groove. By combining the familiar tones of soul, funk, dance, and pop they have put their own spin on the Indie rock sound. Influenced, by bands such as Chromeo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Talking Heads, this band is truly a montage of its members’ individual sonic signatures.

Formed in 2011 and hailing from the world famous Asbury Park, New Jersey, Midnight Mosaic features A.T. Hunte (vocals), Gil T. Brown (Bass), Trent Cater (Guitars), AJ (Drums), Harrisyn Hartt (Keyboards/Synth), and DeeM (Backing Vocals).

Midnight Mosaic has received media and industry acclaim for their energetic, over-the-top live performances and has toured throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

“The show has begun and Midnight Mosaic started to perform. The energy of the event transferred to the members of the band. The drums were distinctly leading, complemented by heavy beat of the bass and high pitches of very well played keyboards. Once the guitar solo set the mood, the vocalist let go of any decency and rocked the party.” – Lacy Hint (fashion designer)

Right To Die – Official Music Video

“Midnight Mosaic brings something new to the music industry with a new cool, yet at the same time almost retro sound. It is this mix of the old and the new that will gain this band many fans in those that search for good drumming, guitar and lyrics in an industry that is currently flooded with bass drops and auto tune.” – Lauren Pulgarin (Eat Sleep Breathe Music)

Listen to their latest tracks below, and download the new album ‘Fire Work’ from iTunes.

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