Introducing Russian Rock-Metallers ‘Grenouer’


Russian rock-metallers Grenouer, active since 1992, have signed with the legendary Belgian label Mausoleum Records. In previous years Grenouer were famous for playing a more extreme kind of music, yet today these ambitious performers have switched to songs with clean singing and high profile melodies.

Their seventh full-length album ‘Blood on the Face’ is accomplished with outstanding producers. The Finnish Anssi Kippo, Astia Studio Sound (Children Of Bodom, Norther, To/Die/For) and Italians, Dualized and Eddy Cavazza, dysFUNCTION Productions (Mnemic, Voodoo Highway, Figure of Six).

Mixed by Dualized at Zeta Factory Studios and mastered at the famous Finnvox Studio by Mika Jussila, the new album comprises of 12 songs (including a Stone Temple Pilots cover) and was released in Europe on 3rd May 2013 and North America 9th July 2013.

Initially, the album was set to be released through USA based label The Metal Den Records (individually run by Randy ‘Rocket’ Cody) under the title ‘Showdawn’ in 2012, but Grenouer were forced to terminate that contract and later entered into another agreement with the authoritative Mausoleum Records.

Mausoleum Records suggested the new album title ‘Blood on the Face’ and a different front cover picture, courtesy of Didier Scohier, Artcore Design (Asia, Cinderella, Ritchie Kotzen).

Grenouer are filming several music videos for songs from the album, releasing 2013-2014. Watch the first three below, along with a video introduction to the album itself.

Blood On The Face – Album Introduction Documentary

Brain Fever – Official Music Video

Midday Show – Official Music Video

See No Sun – Official Music Video

Blood On The Face – Teaser Trailer

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