iPhone 6 Vs Windows Lumia 640: Which Should You Buy?

iPhone 6 vs Windows Lumia 640- Which Should You Buy?Source: Flickr

The Apple vs. Android debate has raged among consumers for years, but, now there’s a new kid on the block: Windows. Choosing a smartphone has become a small way of identifying yourself. Some people are die-hard Apple lovers. They’ll defend the iPhone to their last breathe and wouldn’t be seen touching an Android or Windows phone. On the other hand, there are those that love the choice, individuality, and practicality of a Windows phone. Today we’re pitching the iPhone 6 against the Windows Lumia 640.

Although they appeal to different markets and vary on price, they feature similar size ‘phablet’ screens. They sit in roughly the same market space, so it’s interesting to compare stats. Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look.

Size And Style

As we mentioned, both are similar in size, between 5.5” and 6”. The Windows Lumia is a touch bigger and noticeably heavier. Though, for many, that just makes it a little more sturdy and reliable to hold! You can, of course, upgrade to the Lumia XL and the iPhone 6+. Styling purists will always point to Apple’s unique design. However, the Lumia 640 is no ugly duckling. In fact, it balances a sleek and playful design that we love.

Resolution And Display

In this category, the iPhone runs away with the award. It has a much higher screen resolution, at 1334×750, giving it a perfect, crisp display. It’s easy to read outdoors, and you’ll find little to fault here. The Lumia is no slouch here either; it looks stunning, but simply loses out on sheer resolution.

Memory And Processing

There’s barely a hair to split the competition here. Both boast similar memory and processing capabilities. The Lumia has a little more built in max storage. Though, the iPhone comes complete with iCloud giving you an enormous amount of storage at your fingertips.


Again, there’s very little to choose between the two when it comes to the main camera. Both feature a fantastic 8-megapixel camera capable of 3264×2448 images. The iPhone has additional features such as HDR and phase detection. If you’re looking to improve your photography, both are excellent options. However, the Lumia is a clear winner when it comes to the front-facing camera. It is much more powerful and precise. There’s a reason the Lumia has been nicknamed ‘the selfie phone’.

Operating System

Ultimately, this one comes down to personal choice. Apple have tightened and refined their iOS over the years and it is intuitive, modern and elegant. With the Lumia, Windows have stuck to the iconic box design that you’ll either love or hate, but, there’s no denying it is simple, intuitive and easy to use. In terms of apps, Apple have had a bit of a head start here so wins out on sheer numbers. However, Windows have most of the mainstream apps you’re looking for.

Battery Life

Finally, we tested the battery life of the two phones. There is no real contest here. The Windows Lumia outlasted the iPhone by nearly 12 hours. It has a much bigger capacity and the operating system demands less power. If you’re looking for long life, go for the Lumia.

Before we go, a quick note on the price. Naturally, the iPhone is more expensive. Significantly so! Ultimately, it’s best to try them out and see for yourself. Which do you prefer?