Is Your Business Bad For You?

Is Your Business Bad For You?Source: Pexels

Working to build a business from the ground up is undeniably tough and it’s not uncommon for new bosses to find themselves working 12 hour days or more to get up and running. When there’s so many pressing matters to attend to, sometimes the last thing you invest in is yourself. But when you are the engine behind the whole operation, that is a risky strategy that could derail your business. Taking care of yourself isn’t impossible, but rather should be an integral part of your operational strategy:

1. Choose The Right Food

Unfortunately, when we’re busy, stressed out and tired, the first thing to fall by the wayside is usually our nutritional choices, but nutritious food is the fuel you need to keep building that empire. Choosing the right food will give you the energy and focus you need to work long hours and make critical decisions, so it actually forms part of you asset base. Take the time to learn five healthy, filling recipes and cook them on rotation. Getting a slow cooker means you can simply load it up in the morning and have a good quality dinner waiting for you when you get in with minimal fuss.

2. Set Boundaries And Stick To Them

Success has discipline at its foundations, so practise getting into good habits when it comes to setting boundaries. Many of us feel guilty if we aren’t checking emails at all hours, but just because technology connects us 24/7 doesn’t mean you can’t reclaim some headspace. Whether it’s just one work-free weekend a month or no email after 6pm, decide what gives you breathing space and stick to it religiously. Because an overloaded mind cannot be creative- fact- and that is an essential quality for getting your business up and running.

Is Your Business Bad For You?

Source: Pexels

3. Find Friends And Mentors

Networking isn’t just for gaining new contacts that are directly useful to your business – you can also gain a second circle who are there for support.These should be people who are just as committed to their own goals as you are, but they don’t have to be in the same industry. Taking time occasionally to bounce ideas off each other and relieve some of the daily stress – or gain valuable insight in the case of a more experienced business owner is priceless, so find local small business networking events near you and go find your tribe.

4. Get Smart About Stress

Learning some solid stress management techniques may save both your health and your business. Being able to let go of pressure in a positive way is a big skill, so look into mindfulness techniques. Knowing when to delegate is also a huge area for small business owners. It can be tricky but take time to identify the right partners. A great legal advisor or some exceptional accountants can absolutely transform your company and steer you away from some expensive mistakes.

Getting the basics right is critical to keep you healthy and sane throughout a period of intense effort and change. Take care of these simple building blocks and you can get on with making a business and a legacy without becoming a ticking time bomb.