Make Your Business Green In 3 Easy Steps

Make Your Business Green In 3 Easy StepsSource: Pexels

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie entrepreneur or whether you are something of a startup veteran, the chances are that you are taking note of the new buzzwords of the day. Green, sustainable and eco-friendly are key facets of any forward thinking twenty-first century business. To be marketable, attractive to consumers and law abiding, you might not have any choice but to be more aware of your eco-credentials. However, by looking further into sustainable policies, you will find that helping your business to go green can save you money and allow you to have a positive impact on the environment and communities around you. Take a look at how you can make your business green in three simple steps.

1. Water

Every company utilizes water in some form or another. Whether it’s making your coffee in the morning, handwashing facilities in the office or irrigation for your smallholding, water is a crucial aspect to business. It costs money to use water and utility companies thrive on increasing tariffs for corporate customers. Instead of following the same old pattern of water wastage, you need to get a grip on your water usage. Consider installing water tanks on your site if you work in farming, manufacturing or construction. By using an industrial rainfall calculator, you can work out how much water you can collect each year which you can reuse as irrigation or to clean vehicles. This means you won’t have to pay for this water as it is free from the clouds! You save money while doing your bit for the environment.

2. Transport

By empowering your employees to take part in an eco-friendly initiative, you are empowering them to become more knowledgable about all things green and you foster a more sustainable attitude amongst your staff. Take part in bicycle subsidies and encourage your team to cycle to work. Or perhaps a car sharing scheme would be more effective. By halving emissions amongst your workforce or by making them more aware of their carbon footprint, you are having a more indirect, yet just as meaningful impact on the environment. Encouraging this attitude amongst staff could result in more initiatives cropping up within the office that you need to sign off. Many of these could save you money as an entrepreneur and could also result in a positive piece of PR to project to your target market.

3. Recycle

While you might be in need of a new set of laptops for your team, or you might require some new software to make your business more efficient, there are less environmentally damaging ways to implement these changes. Consider working with an IT services company off-site who can install your new software and deliver training remotely. Think about recycling your current set of hardware when looking at bringing in new laptops. While you may have just thrown away your older stock, think about donating them to a local school, hospital or charity. This means these laptops don’t go to landfill and someone deserving within your locality gets use out of them. This can enhance your links with your local community and make potential customers see you in a more positive light.

Going green needn’t cost money; in fact, it can save you money. Think sustainably and watch your business thrive.