Making The Most Of This Weekend Online To Develop Yourself (Without Social Media)

Making The Most Of This Weekend Online To Develop Yourself (Without Social Media)Source: Pixabay

If you feel that devices are taking over your life (in a good way) you may never feel the temptation to be social ever again! But when we are trying to make sure we have the right balance, and use tech for the right reasons we’ve got an excuse that we do remain sociable but also use our downtime to our benefits. If you are are at a loss this weekend, and you have the house to yourself, you may wonder what you can do apart from scrolling along social media. But when you have your home to yourself, and the internet, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to expand your horizons. Let’s provide a few simple suggestions.

1. Harmless Recreation

Maybe you don’t have time during the week to get your gaming gear on, and while there’s plenty of gambling games like Rainbow Riches to try, maybe you should go a bit old school. If you long for the days of Sega and Nintendo in its infancy, there are emulators online that can take you right back to the 1980s. Take the opportunity while you can to revisit your childhood.

2. Explore Your Musical Side

Maybe that guitar has been sitting in the corner gathering dust. In which case, there are websites like Songsterr that can get you up to speed. There are so many guitar tab websites out there, that give you the opportunity to play your favorite songs. If you’ve been telling yourself that you need to start learning again, but it’s just too difficult, these websites are tailor-made to specific skill levels. And the great thing about playing your favorite songs is that it makes learning an instrument fun!

3. Collate All Your Photos

With apps like Photobox, you can finally start to put all those photos from your phone online. Perhaps you want a photo album, and these days, an actual photo that you hold in your hand is a rarity. So many websites now provide photo albums, and can send you your pictures in the mail, so you’ve got a fantastic document of your life, your significant other, or your family.

4. Start Looking For A Side Income

As the remote working revolution is truly upon us, if you are stuck at home, and none of these ideas for recreational downtime really suit you, why don’t you earn some extra money? There are plenty of websites like Appen and Pactera that you can join to sign up for additional work. If you need to make extra money, taking advantage of that freelance market is one of the best ways. Of course, if you really want to make quite a bit of money, that you don’t want to do the work, it might be time to start putting those items gathering dust on eBay!

Whether you want some downtime, or you just want to change from social media, there’s plenty of things you can do. But because we can so easily waste a weekend and doing nothing that really benefits us, perhaps these ideas can point you in the right direction.