Musical Interlude #24

Musical Interlude 24

Musical Interlude is a regular series featuring some of the latest and greatest music for your consideration. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a drink and take half an hour out of your week to enjoy some aural and visual delights.

This edition features a creative one-take Aphex Twin cover by Binkbeats, an advert featuring the alphabet of dance, as well as new music videos from MNEK, Sims, All We Are, Rufus with Rhyme Lara, and The Diamond Underground.

Windowlicker (Aphex Twin Cover) by Binkbeats

Binkbeats is an artist from the Netherlands whose covers of current artists such as Baths, Amon Tobin and Flying Lotus have gotten him accolades online. They’re not just your ordinary cover – he performs them live in one take, with his ultimate aim being to hunt down the songs’ sounds as closely as possible; and he consistently succeeds in putting his own creative spin on them.

Every Little Word by MNEK

LMG by Sims

Created in director Scharenbroich’s studio over the course of an icy winter in Minneapolis the “LMG” video is the end result of more than 1600 individual drawings, 400 cups of coffee, 60 markers and two ecstatic hands. The video was made using a technique called rotoscoping, which is “the tracing of live-action film frames in order to capture a more realistic movement. It has an immediate kinetic energy that results from the inevitable variation of the tactile mediums used throughout. Markers smear and fade, graphite scratches into the page, and ephemeral, singular ideas punctuate single frames in the rhythm of the process.” Sounds simple right?

The video highlights the contrast between the confessional, dark narrative of the verses and the overjoyed, positive message of the chorus. The diaristic song felt sincere and energetic, and rotoscoping “captures SIMS’ performance and catapults it into another more joyful sphere where fingers transform into bottle rockets and fireworks emerge from palms.”

Feel Safe by All We Are

A-Z of Dance by Jacob Sutton

Sundream by Rufus (Feat. Rhyme Lara)

Save Her Soul II by The Diamond Underground

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