Profile Of Film And Music Video Director Jonathan Desbiens AKA Jodeb

Jonathan Desbiens Profile

Jonathan Desbiens is a French-Canadian film and music video director who works under the name of Jodeb. Desbiens was born in Shawinigan-Sud, Quebec in 1986 where he first picked up a camera at the age of 14 and started to edit via two VHS decks.

“That’s how I discovered all the power of images in motion, the power of artistic creation, of expressing myself and communicating personnal [sic], abstract concepts to others in a playful way.”

He says his inspiration comes from his extreme curiosity to explore the whole universe whilst inside deeply missing his strange, industrial little hometown.

Desbiens uses his work to create beautiful new dimensions that only exist in his mind, and to meet others who share a common goal of creating art that may change someone else’s life.

“My plan to secretly stay young forever was working. I can proudly say that this plan is still working today. I think that my need for film-making, painting, editing, philosophizing etc. is my weapon to fight the cynical world we live in.”

Enjoy the best of his video work so far, below.

You’ve Seen The Butcher by Deftones

Paperlung by Underoath

Shot on location in Montréal.

Jodeb Demo Reel

Jodeb’s 2011 Demo reel. Music ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ by RJD2.

Mercenaire Mercantile – Animated Short Film

Animated short film about greed (2007). Directed and animated by jodeb. Music by Pierre Crube.

Falling Apart by Neverending White Lights

The Reckoning by The Getaway Plan

Shot on location in Toronto.

Bell – Montreal Canadiens In HD

La Régie Du Cinéma Du Québec – Les Yeux

Roll It, Light It by Cypress Hill & Rusko

Shot on location in Fillmore, California.

CHXRSK Trailer

Concept, camera, post-production and sound design by Jodeb.

Language by Porter Robinson

Shot on location in California (Malibu Canyons, Malibu Coast and Angeles National Forest) and all over New Zealand (Tongariro National Park, Milford Sounds, Queenstown, Arthur’s Pass, etc.).

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