Profile Of Filmmaker Ian Robertson

We recently featured a great new music video for Get By By Delta Heavy in our Musical Interlude series. The creative force behind that video is a man by the name of Ian Robertson. Ian is a director, animator, producer, cinematographer, editor and BAFTA New Talent Award winning filmmaker and this is the best of his work so far.

Dog’s Dinner

In 1856 Reverend William Buckland, the great English geologist and paleontologist, passed away, however, his passion for eating meat reached beyond the grave. ‘Dog’s Dinner’ is a black comedy about an old man whose reverence for the reverend has given him one aim in life; to taste the flesh of every type of animal in existence.


Made for an Experimental Filmmaking class at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. A subtle critique of appropriation in postmodernist art, or a comment on the disavowal of authorial ownership or an attack on the contemporary theatre going audiences, or just a load of pretentious wank?

A Beard Film

An animation about abnormal ablutions. In ‘A Beard Film’ we see the stop-motion style that would become Ian Robertson’s signature.

Lyrical Spread (feat. The Chameleon)

Lyrical Spread, featuring ‘The Batter, The Rapper, and The Mad Hatter’ by The Chameleon ( 2295 photos, 438 printed labels, 4 days, 2 crumpets, and 1 tub of Lyrical Spread.

The Phone Box

One telephone conversation that costs a fortune. Shot on location in Dalmuir, Glasgow.

Get By by Delta Heavy

Get By Stats

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