Rugby Strength And Conditioning Expert John Pryor Announces Launch Of New Digital Publication

John Pryor Rugby Strength And Conditioning Expert Announces Launch Of New Digital PublicationSource: Pixabay

With the launch of his new digital publication, the widely respected John Pryor rugby strength and conditioning principles are now easily accessible to anyone interested in learning from the specific philosophies favoured by the Japan Rugby Football Union’s strength and conditioning coordinator.

John Pryor, rugby strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Football Union, is announcing the launch of a new digital publication designed to provide an easily accessible platform through which he can share his expert insight and expertise regarding best practices in all areas of a comprehensive strength training and conditioning program. Pryor’s publication will include lengthy articles written by Pryor as well as by other professionals possessing specific expertise in fields like exercise physiology, nutrition, injury prevention, biomechanics and more.

Pryor, who is also a director with JointAction, has already utilised the newly launched publication to share articles on a number of subjects falling within his varied areas of expertise and intends to feature at least one lengthy and in-depth article per week accompanied by several shorter pieces in which new research findings and any other relevant updates can be shared with readers quickly and easily.

Pryor’s publication already includes examples of the subject matter it will feature, including a detailed investigation into the process involved in incorporating effective strategic principles while developing a strength and conditioning program. There have been a number of additional articles already featured by the publication, and several guest posts from prominent athletic training experts are currently scheduled for future publication.

“It is with a great deal of pride that I announce the creation of this new digital publication, as it is a direct result of the success my methods have generated over the years that has caused so many to seek out my advice on such a wide range of subjects related to strength and conditioning,” said Pryor. “I’ve always believed in sharing what I know with others, and I can’t think of a better way to accomplish this on such a vast scale than by creating an easily accessible online publication.”

A director at JointAction, John Pryor’s expertise in biomechanics and exercise physiology has also been a key component in the success he has enjoyed as the strength and conditioning coordinator for the Japan Rugby Football Union. A graduate of Southern Cross University with a master’s degree in biomechanics, Pryor continues to write and conduct research on the many subjects falling within his areas of professional expertise.