Safer While Sailing – 4 Tips For Your Next Boating Vacation

Safer Sailing

Renting a boat for a vacation is always a lot of fun and a great option for the entire family. However, you need to properly prepare before setting sail to make sure things go smoothly. Here is a guide for folks who are about to go on a boating vacation.

1. Ask Questions

The first thing you need to do is to ask the company you are renting the boat from exactly what is included with the rental. You will want to be aware of all the things included in a package to help you know what to pack. Make sure to write down everything and document the proper paperwork for rentals If you own your own boat, have an Atlanta Extra Space Storage ready for your boat when you want to get off the water and enjoy the sights in the city.

2. Things To Pack

You will want to pack all the necessary clothing, and don’t forget warm clothing for the chilly nights out on the water. Bring at least two swimsuits and lots of towels. Don’t forget your important toiletries like the ever essential toothbrush, and medications. Sunblock and insect repellant are a must, and it is a good idea to bring a first aid kit. In case of bad weather, entertainment like board games, books, magazines and portable DVD players are all fun options. Water toys and gear like snorkels, flippers and floats are all good things to bring on a boating trip.

3. Operating The Boat

It is very important to listen carefully to all of the advice that the boat rental company gives you during their orientation to the boat. The key to operating a boat is to take things slowly. Don’t rush around on the water, remember that there are no brakes on a boat! You need to always give yourself plenty of room to turn and slow down. Always stay alert and keep your eyes on the water to avoid accidents while you are piloting the boat.

4. Storing The Boat

When you come to a place that you want to stop, you will want to be sure to tie the boat up securely. You should learn a boating knot or two to make sure that the boat will not become untied. Make sure to be careful when you are getting off and on the boat. If you want to store the boat longer term while you are using it, you can look into storage locations like Fayetteville NC Storage to keep your boat safe while you get off the water to enjoy other parts of the vacation.

When departing on your boating vacation, keep these tips in mind to stay safe and prepared while out on the water.