Signs Warning You To Repair Sewer Lines

Signs Warning You To Repair Sewer LinesSource: Pixabay

Today’s technology has made it possible to repair blocks and damages in the pipes without major excavation. These trenchless repairs begin with a camera inspection conducted through small holes at the ends of the pipe. Damaged pipes are repaired by threading a new pipe through the lines.

1. Warning Signs

There are several common signs that there’s trouble within the unseen sewer lines. Many homeowners don’t understand that the sewer lines from their home to the end of their property line are their responsibility. This means you must make proper maintenance and repairs a priority.

There are many things that can clog your indoor drains, such as too much paper down the toilet or bits of food and hair in sink drains, but multiple drains are regularly clogging, it’s an indication that the trouble is deeper within the plumbing.

Similarly, gurgling sounds in the drains are an early warning sign that there’s blockage in the pipes. The sound is generally the result of sewer gas bubbles making their way up through the water. It’s a good idea to get this checked out, especially if you’ve noticed sewage odors coming from the drains.

Watch your basement drains, especially, for water spots. As pipes become clogged, the lowest drains of your home are likely to see some water backup before draining away. This is a sign that excessive damage is a threatening possibility.

Finally, cracks along the sewer pipeline allow sewage to rise to the surface of the lawn, creating soggy patches. If you notice these damp, bad-smelling areas, sort out the problem immediately.

Your quick response is essential to successfully dealing with the problem and keeping expenses under control. Trenchless sewer repair provides results without digging up your landscaping.

2. The Right Equipment for the Job

The right materials and good quality equipment affect the outcome of any job. Make sure you have the right tools and equipment on hand before you tackle this repair job.