Simple Tips For Sprucing Up Your Office In Style

Simple Tips For Sprucing Up Your Office In StyleSource: Pexels

We’ve all been there. Either in work, socially or personally, we have all felt drained and out of ideas from time to time. Sometimes, kickstarting our inspiration and idea generation takes a deft touch. Sometimes, forcing it is the worst thing you can do. Taking a reasoned and intelligent approach to returning to your best will take a few important changes.

It’s likely you’ve tried a few methods, and have had varying degrees of success. All people respond to different stimuli in different ways, and what works for one person may or may not work for another right next to them.

If you’re a business owner or the manager of an office, seeing this element of fatigue spread over your office workers is dreadful to see. Simply condemning the work of those under you rarely helps stoke the fire in a positive way. For the intelligent business professional, someone who understands the value and positive resources provided by their staff, you need to take a much better approach to this, one which makes use of foresight.

We’d argue that the following tips, focused on sprucing up the working environment, can give you that energy boost your employees really need for success.

1. Colour

Inspiring your employees could be as simple as changing the colour of their workspace. As humans, we respond to color emotionally, and we have many reasons for doing so. Colours help us assess the environment and allow us to feel either comfortable or on edge around it. If you have a drab, dreary and dimly lit office, you are much more likely to foster feelings of lethargy in your staff. Instead of opting for colours which help the light travel such as cream or off-white can help your staff feel fresh, airy and willing to work. This sounds almost too simple, but utilising an industrial painter and changing the atmosphere of the office in this way can have some amazing results. See for yourself.

2. Plants

It’s often easy, especially when working on an industrial estate, to worry about the small things. Is the light coming in well? Is the noise polluting the office? How well ventilated is it? One of the things many bosses ignore is the amount of nature featured in the working space. If you’re working in a city environment, especially one with offices on a high floor in a tower, the staff are much less likely to feel connected to nature, and that is simply a basic human need.

Making sure your workplace has a tasteful use of colour, lighting, and ventilation is all very well, but if you don’t back that up with some solid and viewable greenery, your office will feel almost too artificial. Not only do plants help filter the air, but they can simply help your office feel alive. According to a recent study by the University of Michigan, focus is increased by 20% when feeling connected to nature. This subverts the initial impression that this could be too much of a holistic tip. Plants will bring real results to your office, so be sure to apply them tastefully.

With these tips, your office will be the talk of the block or industrial estate.

  • Alvin Clavines

    Thanks for sharing this post. The working environment can either boost the employees’ energy or make them feel lazy. Good and comfortable working environment can make employees productive.