Social Games To Play With Your Friends This Winter

Social Games To Play With Your Friends This WinterSource: Pexels

When it comes to the winter, many people enjoy staying cooped up inside during their recreation time. This can be worthwhile because often the weather is too cold, or you become too snowed in to even warrant stepping away from your front door. However, there are more ways that one to be social these days, both in and out of the home, as well as enjoying some quality gaming time. We’d like to suggest a list of the best ways to blow off some steam and relax this winter:

1. Pool

While playing casino games online through services such as can give you the virtual casino experience, nothing is as stimulating as playing real-life pool with your buddies. A cheeky wager among a friendly drink can make things more interesting between the couple of you. We’d recommend making the loser pay for the next round of drinks, and limiting it to that.

To have this form of planning and focused relaxation after a busy year of work can feel like a wonderful time to relax, and it gets you primarily in the Christmas spirit. Not only this, but it allows time for you relax and maybe indulge in a good night out among friends, with plenty of food and a sensible amount of drinking of course. Sometimes, the whole stress of planning for the holiday period needs this as a prescription, so be sure to have fun!

2. Online Video Games

Gaming is now getting better than ever. If you have a PC or a modern console, you have been treated with some wonderful online co-operative titles in recent weeks. Destiny 2, amazing and engaging space shooter has been released to critical acclaim, and it boasts a massive amount of concurrent online players. Not only this, but Star Wars Battlefront II is just as popular, connecting you to some of your most favourite characters in the universe. For the nerds among us, Christmas is already here.

Getting together in a fireteam with your friends and blasting through some of the most fantastical Sci-Fi settings can keep you glued to your couch or office chair this winter. Just be sure to actually partake in the festivities outside of that, as we all know how addictive this can sometimes be.

3. Board Games

If you haven’t kept up with the classic board game scene in a while, you may be surprised to see just how far some of them have developed. The most popular lining the shelves are currently Cards Against Humanity (great in the right crowd – don’t play this with your parents,) and the card game ‘Exploding Kittens,’ which adds a dark humour and time intensive element to a card game. Not only that, but expanded forms of Risk and Disney Monopoly is now a thing. This might be the time of year to update your board game cupboard, making it relevant in 2017.

You may be surprised just how amazing some of these board games are, so be sure to experiment and have a wonderful time with your peers.

We hope you experience a wonderful time with your gaming life this winter. After all, gaming and winter are better with friends and family.