Surefire Marketing Strategies For Video Production Companies

Surefire Marketing Strategies For Video Production CompaniesSource: Pexels

If you run a video production company, you could be interested in investigating various possibilities for marketing what your firm offers. However, there is already a powerful promotional weapon in your company’s arsenal: video production! You might just need to hone that weapon…

With YouTube users monthly watching six billion hours of video and 92% of mobile viewers sharing videos according to Business 2 Community, you shouldn’t overlook the video revolution.

1. Bring A More Human Touch To Your Firm’s Image

Digital might be a modern format, but there’s still something very analogue about the way that it can help humanise your company – or, more to the point, its staff.

With video, you can give your target customers a more intimate look into your company – and so provide an insight significantly beyond those that could be gleaned from static photographs or “about us” text on your corporate website. This, in turn, will foster a more trustworthy image.

2. Look For Underutilised Skills Among Your Workforce

You might still be facing a tight financial situation that makes producing your own video look unpalatable. However, as you develop the video, you could regularly find new ways of trimming the costs. For example, your iPhone might be a more suitable shooter than a large, dedicated camera.

Furthermore, you might find that your employees are surprisingly multifaceted, as The Business Journals suggests, and so could double up as both video shooters and actors.

3. Consider Consistency Constantly – And That’s No Con

If you intend to release a series of videos as part of a “vlogging” campaign, you should preserve a degree of consistency in the fruits of your video-shooting labours. That includes releasing a decent amount of content regularly – and always at a specific time and date weekly or monthly.

Nonetheless, if you do take this route, it would be wise to mix up the video content to help prevent viewers’ interest fading. Perhaps you could capture footage at home or while travelling?

4. Offer A Free Video To People Who Provide Their Email Address

YouTube or a corporate website are obvious places where you could feature a regularly updated “vlog” or video blog. However, you can utilise a more targeted approach if you send your video material to people who have subscribed to an email list and so shown interest in your company.

In fact, you could reward someone for giving you their email address by sending them a tutorial video for free, Entrepreneur suggests. This could help you initially build up that email list.

5. Measure And Tinker With Your Marketing Efforts

Despite your experience with making videos for your clients, you might need time to learn how to make effective videos for your own firm’s promotional drive. Keep an eye on each video’s engagement rate – how much of the video is, on average, watched – and tweak tactics accordingly.

Ironically, another video production firm, like The Mob Film Company, might help you break any deadlock into which you run during your video marketing initiatives.