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Why Are Some Saying Mercedes Is Finished With F1?

Why Are Some Saying Mercedes Is Finished With F1

There’s been a lot of speculation and gossip about the future of the Mercedes team since the start of the 2017 season. After three successive F1 title doubles, rival Ferrari has started to pull ahead of the team, most recently evidenced in Sebastian Vettel’s victory at the Monaco Grand Prix. The mood might be grim,… Read more »

What’s In A Car Brands Logo? [Infographic]

Car Brands Logo Infographic Preview

Branding in today’s modern world is vital if a company wishes to have longevity. While logos and branding are often seen as something that larger, more corporate companies should focus on, this is not necessarily the case. Smaller companies who fail to recognise the importance of branding and logos will lose out in terms of… Read more »