The 5 ‘R’s Of A Valued Employee

The 5 ‘R’s Of A Valued EmployeeSource: Pixabay

A company is only as good as the employees that it hires. This is a fact that most companies often forget. A well-run business needs many people putting their heads together to make it work, and if your employees are unhappy then the people you spent time hiring and training are not going to stay on. Losing an employee that you believed felt secure in their job isn’t just an emotional issue for the company, it’s a financial one.

To that end, keeping your employees happy is a must! It’s because of this that you should be offering a great package when you hire people. Employee retention takes a lot of work and you can read this detailed article to find out what employees want from their roles. Your company should offer something more than just a good salary and good working hours. You have to mould loyal and valuable employees who never want to leave your company. There are plenty of ways you can invest in your people, and we’ve put together some of these for you.

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1. Responsibility

By giving your employees more responsibility, you are showing them you trust them. Giving them opportunities for education and growth can increase employee loyalty. Adding the opportunity for growth to the package along with a Safe Harbor plan can give you some security on your employees staying with you. Where you can, you should always offer promotion opportunities and this should all be on offer in the package you advertise.

2. Respect

There’s nothing worse than an employer who doesn’t show any kind of respect to their people. Always combine critiques with praise and make sure that you show empathy to their personal lives; outside influences do affect work, even when you don’t want them to!

3. Revenue

Putting your money where your mouth is will get you everything you need as an employer. Offer incentives that are tied to the performance of the company so that they know their work is going to have a direct impact on their salary. The more you offer, the better they perform.

4. Reward

Bonuses and rewards should always be on offer for a large group of employees. When you think about it, these are the people that spend their week with you, ensuring your deadlines are met and goals are hit. Reward these goals and give people the motivation to keep going even when they feel too exhausted to!

5. Relax

Your staff will bring so much more than teamwork to your company. They’re the way your company earns profit and growth, so treat them well. Be flexible with those who wish to home work – if it suits what your company needs. Allow time off and be generous with it. Your employees will work better and work harder if you’re not pushing their noses to the grindstone as hard as you can.

Ultimately, the more you offer the staff you take on, the more you will get out of them. People never leave a bad job, only a bad employer.