The Art Of Selling Redundant Technology

The Art Of Selling Redundant TechnologySource: Unsplash

It’s got to the point now where we can almost guarantee Apple is releasing a new product every other day. That’s how fast the latest technology seems to erupt, the molten lava it spews quickly making all predecessors more redundant than the spinning jenny. Don’t get us wrong, the nerdy geek part of us absolutely loves the constant advancements. It’s just, well, the financially responsible voice at the back of our brains doesn’t. Obviously. Having to constantly fork out for new gizmos ain’t cheap ($1000+ for an iPhone!!!).

Now, the obvious thing to do with your old technology is sell it. However, what may not be so obvious is how to sell it or, more specifically, how to get top dollar for your spinning jennies. So, without further ado, here is the essential guide to getting rich off the tech no one should want.

1. Perception Is Reality

Before you do anything else, you’ve gotta make your antique tidbits look as appealing as possible. That means rummaging through your man drawer (the one where you keep old keys, loose batteries and currencies that no longer exist) and fetching things like the original box, chargers, manuals and anything else that will make it sparkle like new again.The other thing you can do is reset your bits to their factory settings. Once you’ve done that, just give them a quick wipe down and dusting and you should be good to go.

2. Think Outside The Box

A lot of the time, people think the only way to sell their old computers and gadgets and whatnots is to a) trade them in at some used gadget store or b) pop them up on eBay. But that may not be your best option. Another great option is to check the scrap metal prices, especially if you’re trying to get rid of your old tech at the same time as everyone else, say when the latest generation has just been released. Yeah, it is sad to think your beloved whatsit is being scrapped, never to be used again, but do you really care if you’re getting top dollar? No.

3. Warranties Are Wonders

You’ll be amazed at how much more your gadgets are worth if they are still under warranty and you can prove this. That is why you should always, always check to see when you bought your product, how long the manufacturer’s warranty lasts and how long is life. It’s like selling a car that still has twelve months MOT on it – you are going to get more than if you ran that MOT right down and the buyer has to fork out big time should anything go wrong.

4. Life’s In The Timing

When someone like Apple launches their latest iPhone, there is a sudden and almighty surge of older phones hitting the used market. Everyone and their dogs put their phones on the market, hoping to get the kind of top dollar that will make buying the latest release a whole lot cheaper. As such, the market becomes saturated and only those that drop their prices will get deals. Our advice: as soon as you hear rumours about a new release on the horizon, sell your old tech. The old motto of the sooner the better really is one to live by.