The Benefits Of Using 3D Animations In Product Design


Manufacturing a product has its phases and coming up with a design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as well as practical is a challenge faced by all manufactures regardless of their business niche. The process involved can be quite cumbersome and expensive especially when a manufacturer moves directly to the production stage without first testing and creating prototypes of his or her idea. And here comes 3D animation to the rescue for using CAD software in your product development process offers the following benefits.

Prototype Designing

Prototyping is a procedure that involves using drafting tools to create soft copy renderings of mechanical product designs; that show the parts involved in assembling a product, its functionality and a real-life model in 3D for both manufacturing and funding purposes. The models made with software’s such as SolidEdge, can then be used for public presentations and also to seek investors by convincing them through a prototype.

Measurement And Scaling

Mechanical drawings, life sized images and product ideas can be modelled using CAD software in 3 dimensions with the aim of accurately representing the item to be produced with either reduced measurement (for large mechanical designs) or enlarged dimensions for smaller designs to help observers understand the scope of a design.

Animating Features

Mechanical products are usually not static and their functions always comprises of parts in motion and different components which work individually but synch together to make the product function. Therefore the need to represent prototypes or drafts that show the different movements of each component and how they function when assembled in a system crops up. 3D animations help product designers meet the above requirements by creating complete video animations that show products functionality.

Marketing Products

Business organisations who manufacture large mechanical equipment like cranes, vehicles etc. Employ the use of 3D models to market their machines to the public. The use of these models provide the general public with a 3 dimensional view of the product to be marketed and also solves the problems involved with moving heavy products from one place to another.

3 Dimensional Viewing

3D models provide product designs with a unique feature 2D draft cannot accomplish and that is the ability to view a model from all angles and perspectives. This gives a manufacturer more insight of the product to be manufactured.

Production Phase

Architects and engineers use 3D Animations To Completely Design Models/prototypes which can be sent directly to the factory for instant production. This models enable companies automate assembling machines on a production line to carry out specific instructions according to the specifications provided by a 3D model.

Outsourcing machine drawings, drafts and product designing to 2D and 3D CAD service providers is an easy way to accomplish or render your ideas in 3 dimensions which would help you accurately send your message across during presentations. These services come at competitive prices which are quite affordable to both small and big business owners.

Purathini is a webmaster at Smart Photo Editors and IndiaCADworks. He also indulges in blogging, creative writing and photography.

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