The Best Websites For Music Lovers

The Best Websites for Music LoversSource: Pexels

The Internet is awash with great websites for music lovers. So, which ones are the best?

6. Stereomood

This website is weird, but wonderful too. Stereomood gives you music depending on how you feel – or how you want to feel. All you do is tell the website your mood, and it gives you a playlist of music that perfectly fits how you’re feeling. It’s a novel idea, and it’s certainly fun to try out when you’re a little bored, but it’s a lot more than that. You’ll also discover a lot of great new music.

5. DatPiff

As all hip hop fans know too well, there are so many mixtapes that get made and uploaded to the internet each week, it can be pretty difficult to keep up with them all and sample the music inside them. They’re all free and available to listen to, so why not make the most of them. I’ve discovered loads of great artists that I didn’t know about before by visiting DatPiff and listening to the very latest uploads.

4. Hype Machine

If you’re one of those people, like me, who loves following loads of different music blogs and listening to the free mp3s that are listed on there, you should head to Hype Machine. It works as an aggregator of lots of blogs so that you can find all that music in one single place. You can compile playlists, search genres and discover artists that you’d never even heard of before.

3. Rediscover Songs

This website allows you to find the best cover songs on the internet. We all know that sometimes a cover is better than the original, and now you can find all the best ones out there. If you hear a cover version but don’t know who was singing it, now you can head over to Rediscover Songs. There, you’ll find out about the song and be able to listen back to it whenever you like.

2. Slicing Up Eyeballs

If 80s indie and rock music is your thing, there’s no better website for you than the wonderfully named Slicing Up Eyeballs. The name comes from the lyrics of Debaser, a song by Pixies, so it’s not quite as gruesome as you might have initially thought. The website claims to be “the legacy of 80s college rock” and gives in-depth coverage to all the best music and bands of that time, but it also covers the best of modern indie music too.

1. Concert Vault

Concert Vault is a website loaded with concerts from all over the world and from all periods of time. How great is that? If you want to watch a Blondie performance from 1982, you can find it. It’s 100% dedicated to live music, and we all know that live music offers an entirely different kind of experience to ordinary recorded music. You get a free trial when you first arrive on the website, but you’ll probably want to subscribe after you’ve tasted it!

These websites are all great, so check them out today.