The Miami Fishing Experience – Exciting Techniques You Can Try Your Hand At

Miami, Florida is one of the most exciting tourist destinations with its glorious beaches, historical relics, museums steeped in history and rocking nightlife. Especially for those looking for an offbeat, adventurous vacation, fishing trips in Miami are just the thing they need. The gulfstream along Biscayne Bay is ideal for fishing trips and charters. Miami is the ultimate fishing paradise owing to the availability of different varieties of fish in Biscayne Bay, Fort Lauderdale and the Caribbean.

Fishing charters are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are armed with a captain and expert crews, who delight in giving you guidance to reel in the big ones and make sure that you have an amazing fishing trip. Fishing expeditions can range from a four hour trip, to a day or several days depending on your preference and convenience.

There are different fishing techniques in Miami and you can try out something that you are interested in.

Shark Fishing

Sharks are some of the most dangerous and aggressive predators the world has seen. So you can be assured that hunting for one will give you the ultimate adrenalin rush to keep you thrilled for days! While this is not for the faint-hearted, you can definitely get over your “Jaws” phobia on this trip!

Shark-fishing is for those with a thirst for adventure and for those who can wait patiently for long hours out into the seas. There are specialized charters for shark-fishing which have an excellent crew to help you on everything that you need to know as well as all the equipment that you will need on the expedition. The only thing you need to bring along is the desire to tame the monster of the seas!

Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is an overwhelmingly popular sport in Miami. A harmonious blend of a sense of adventure co-existing with the peaceful solitude characteristic of the deep seas is an enticing combination. Places like Miami, Sanibel, and Cape Coral are excellent locations for deep-sea fishing. You can try your hand at reeling in the big ones like Barracudas, Swordfish, Bigfish, Dolphins (mahi-mahi as they are called locally) and many more.

Fishing charters are the best option for this kind of fishing as you will have to traverse deep into the seas to catch the big ones. The charters provide video recording and photographers to capture your moment of pride. This trip will be like nothing you have ever tried before!

Dolphin Fishing

Dolphin Fishing is a summer time recreational fishing sport in Miami. Dolphin fishing is the right choice for beginners and novices as they do not require heavy-duty tackling. They vary in size from two to eight pounds. Dolphin fish, popularly known as Mahi-Mahi in Hawaii, are excellent game fish because of their average size, short life-span and the fact that they are prolific breeders. Dolphins like to chase after their food, so trolling live bait behind the boat is an amazing and entertaining method to catch them. Dolphin fish are the easiest bluewater fish to catch and guarantee you a successful fishing mission!

Kite Fishing

Kite fishing is a thoroughly enjoyable form of fishing which combines two of your favourite childhood memories, flying kites in summer and fishing on camping trips! Kite fishing is very user-friendly and does not require you to have prior fishing experience.

In this form of fishing, the fishing line is attached to a release clip on the main line of the kite which is the main propeller that takes your bait far out into the water while keeping it suspended on the surface of the water. The best part of Kite fishing is when you can actually see the big fish come up to the surface to grab the live bait. Another advantage is that you can enjoy fishing at the pier without having to go out into the open sea. Kite fishing is easy, fun and will keep you hooked to it for a long time!

Whether you are an expert angler or a novice, a fishing trip in Miami will prove to be an enriching experience leaving you with exciting memories and moments to cherish forever.

Christina is an experienced writer from Miami, who covers fishing, travel, hotels, I.T. and more. She currently writes for Miami Sport Fishing.