Things To Consider When Changing Your Delivery Service As A Small Business

Things To Consider When Changing Your Delivery Service As A Small BusinessSource: Pexels

When you’re a small business delivering goods to a good standard can seem time-consuming and tedious however as you grow it can tend to get a little more complication. This means you need to put steps into place to help your delivery service improve as your business grows. Otherwise, you may risk your reputation being damaged with a bad transition between delivery methods. As a small business, you are probably picking, packing and posting your packages yourself whereas when you grow you should make considerations about using a packaging company or even providing your own fleet of trucks or vans to make deliveries.

1. Your Needs

When upgrading your delivery service to cater for an increase in sales you need to carefully monitor and analyse your current method against your sales. This way you will be able to find the best solution for you. Some of the things to think about include:

> The number of sales you are making
> The size of packages that you are sending
> The areas you deliver to
> The cost of your deliver now and if you change
> Insurance for the loss of products
> Do you need them to be picked up?
> Do you require your own fleet?

Once you know what your needs are you can start to consider your delivery service in depth.

2. Packaging

You should make careful consideration over the type of packaging you’re going to use. Think about the types of products you are sending and how you need to protect them. If you’re sending fragile items then making sure they arrive undamaged is a necessity. If you don’t you not only risk losing customer satisfaction you also risk adding unneeded costs to pay for replacement items. You might also want to decide whether you are going to have your company logo on the packaging, as this a great way to improve your branding.

3. Method of Delivery

There are several different ways you can deliver items to your customers, you can post them yourself, use couriers or even use your own fleet if it calls for it. You need to weigh up the cost of each against the service you will be providing and the sales you are making. Having an internal delivery system have its advantages as it means you are able to set all the rules and regulations, train your staff the way you want to and also invest in tools such as dot hours of service to make sure your drivers are behaving.

4. Protocols

Like any other area of a business you need to think about the protocols you are going to have in place when it comes to getting your products to customers. You need to consider your picking, packing and delivery methods. Try having a think about the protocols you would have in place for if a customer was not in when the delivery was attempted. Would you offer free second delivery or charge the customer? Would you send options for them to select a safe place? Would you attempt to leave with a neighbour? There are several different ways to tackle this, it’s best to complete some market research.

Hopefully, this short guide will help you when changing your delivery service to keep up with an increase in sales. Do you have any other ways you can achieve this? Please share them in the comments below.