Tips and Tricks For Your Galvanizing Startup

Tips and Tricks For Your Galvanizing StartupSource: Pixabay

Galvanization, the process of immersing steel or iron into molten zinc to form a corrosive resistant coating, is in high demand for making everything from the steel beams used in buildings to outdoor furniture and tools. This makes it a good place for the knowledgeable entrepreneur to start a business, if you know a bit about the equipment involved and how to carve out a niche for yourself.

1. Equipment

While you can start galvanizing some things with a relatively small setup, you still need a furnace capable of raising the temperature of the zinc to between 820 and 860 degrees Fahrenheit, several tanks for the preparation, hot-dip and post treatment stages and cooling racks capable of holding the weight and temperature of the products after dipping. You can find manufacturers capable of building and outfitting whole galvanizing plants to meet your specifications, buy and update an old plant or take over an existing one to help you get started.

2. Niche

It is incredibly important to research the market for galvanized products before getting started in this industry to find a profitable niche. If you start a plant for galvanized steel structural beams far away from a property development boom, then your clients may find someone closer with fewer transportation costs to buy from. Chances are, however, that if you do research into your local area market as well as the national market, you can find a product to galvanize and potential customers to partner with. For example, if you are in an area rich in artists and designers, then you can partner with them to galvanize statues, outdoor furniture lines and much more.

The more research you do into the process of galvanizing, the equipment involved and the market forces in the industry, the easier it can be to make your galvanizing startup a success. You can even find companies to help you build and outfit your plant from the ground up, work with local artisans and find your niche with the right research.