Tips For Marketing And Selling Your Photographs Online

Do you love Photography and see it as a professional photographer sees it – an avenue for making money – or are you in need of extra cash flow and your digital camera just happens to be a gold mine of wildlife pictures, resort sceneries, cute baby images etc. which you might have acquired through the course of your travels?

Then this article is for you and it will provide you with practical tips to help you sell your photographs online. After you have done the initial hard work of taking a picture and employed some high-end photo retouching techniques on it, the next logical step is obviously seeking the right ways and avenues to sell your pictures.

Create An Online Portfolio

This should be your first step, as a buyer only takes your work as serious as you present it. Therefore, creating an online presence either through blogging or social media, for yourself, with an excellent array of images to match, tells your visitors and potential customers how seriously you take your business.

Get Buyers

Building a client list online can be quite difficult, but we plan to give you a head start by simplifying your search for ways to market your images. There are three major techniques which you can use and they are; registering with micro stock agencies such as stock photo sites or product photo sites which are good image outsourcing outlets, advertising your photos on social platforms by creating licensed adverts of them, and the old traditional method of cold calling or cold emailing website owners to ask if they need your high end photo retouching services and images.

Create An Email List

This is practically used in every business organisation and it consists of keeping a well documented account of your new or loyal customers. Creating a list helps you keep in touch with your customers by sending them gift notes, newsletters or messages, simply reminding them of the services you offer. Individuals who purchase pictures either for commercial use or otherwise usually go searching for more, therefore reminding them of your services is important.

Improve Image Quality

This last tip may not be a tip but more of a call to action. The quality of an image determines how profitable it can become, therefore focusing on a business niche and mastering the images it needs is recommended. For example this can be achieved by selecting the real estate niche as your area of focus and then capturing high resolution images of important structures near you. If your images are not of a high enough standard, then Outsource Them To A Photo Editing Service Provider that can perform some high-end photo retouching techniques to improve them and lead to better sales.

Purathini is a webmaster at Smart Photo Editors and IndiaCADworks. He also indulges in blogging, creative writing and photography.