Travelling Safely – 4 Ways To Avoid A ‘Taken’ Situation

Taken Situation

Photograph © joshuashill

The sleeper 2008 film Taken changed the way teenagers, college students and even adults thought about vacations. In the same way that Hostel did just a few years earlier, the film showed you aren’t always safe whilst on vacation. You don’t need to look around every corner in fear, or think that every local wants to take advantage of you, but you can be safe by preparing yourself and following a few simple tips.

1. Use The Buddy System

Elementary schools often use the buddy system on field trips. By assigning each student with another student, the school knows that every child has someone watching over him or her. The buddy system applies for older travelers too. If you travel with a small group, break the group into two or three person teams. Anytime someone leaves the room or ventures out alone, that person’s buddy knows exactly where the person goes and when he or she will be back.

2. Know Where To Go For Help

If something bad happens, you need to know where to go for help. For example, you might take a vacation in San Jose, and you’ll want to know about security guards Security Guards San Jose, CA companies and police departments in the city. A security guard can help you when someone steals your bag, threatens you or damages your rental car, while police officers can help with larger problems. Seek help as soon as you realise a problem exists.

3. Pack Properly

With so many new forms of technology advertising towards vacationers, you might think that you can take almost everything you own on holiday with you. Those television commercials that show people lounging on the beach with tablets are potentially dangerous because waving your tablet around might cause it to become targeted by thieves. Before you leave home, go through your bags and remove anything you don’t want stolen on your trip. This might mean leaving pricy electronics and jewelry at home.

4. Avoid The Scams

There are so many scams aimed at tourists that you might not know what to avoid. Trust your instincts, and if anything seems a little iffy, just move on. Street games, tour guides who seemingly come out of nowhere and locals who offer to show you hidden clubs and restaurants are generally scams.

Following these simple tips can help you when it comes to planning and enjoying your next trip. No matter how old you are, you deserve to stay safe while still having an exciting vacation.

Kandace is a freelance writer from Orlando, Florida.