‘Un Boombox Symphonique’ The Debut Album By ‘Kbit’ Is Like Floating Through Space

Un Boombox Symphonique

Australian Electronic/Downtempo/House musician ‘Kbit‘s’ debut release ‘Un Boombox Symphonique’ is dynamic and cinematic, which is appropriate given that it was written with the intention of being an inspired soundtrack for an astronaut floating peacefully in space.

This is Kosta Andreadis’ first release as ‘Kbit,’ and ‘Un Boombox Symphonique’ is the culmination of many years of music production that started way back at the turn of the millennium.

After a few years of producing house music under his namesake ‘Andreadis,’ Kosta Andreadis took on the moniker ‘Kbit’ for this new album release, which itself reflects a more personal approach to music production.

It’s an album that harks back to falling in love with music in the late ’90s, and covers a wide spectrum of styles, grooves, and feelings. From synth driven House to Breaks to Ambient Beats, it’s all brought together with melodies worthy of a slow atmospheric descent through the clouds.

A ten track release, some of the notable highlights include the opener ‘These Seven’ which opens with excerpts from a press conference given in the 1950s by the US government, announcing its space program, and uses this as a basis for a very synth and percussion heavy track that builds like a successful shuttle launch.

The second track ‘Anytime But Then’ is a deliberately dreamy cinematic groove that works as a great counterpart to the second last track on the album ‘Fin (The End)’ which is similarly atmospheric but built around restless drums and deep layered organs.

Other tracks vary in influence and sound, some drawing connection to video game or chip tune music, the Nu’ School Breaks movement from the turn of the millennium that never really took off, Slow Motion Disco, as well as ‘70s Jazz Fusion, as featured in the Weather Report styled groove and funk of ‘Live From Vienna’.

Un Boombox Symphonique is currently available on Bandcamp, as a self-published release. Listen to the album below.

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