Video Inspiration #14 – Travel Special

Video Inspiration 14

Video Inspiration is a regular series featuring some of the most inspirational footage on the internet.

We are back with our first special edition, focusing on travel. From Paris to Detroit, Japan to Africa, and finished off with some beautiful escapism. Enjoy a sample of what this fine planet has to offer.

The Quiet City: Winter In Paris by Andrew Julian

Claire and I recently took a trip to France, and I filmed this during our time in Paris. Until this trip, I had only ever experienced Paris in the summer and I was struck by just how different the city is when most of us tourist are gone.

The weather wasn’t always perfect, but our experience was totally different and unique. Now I’m truly curious to visit the city in other seasons. Maybe a trip during the Fall someday?

Nothing Stops Detroit – Evan Rossell by Riley Blakeway

Shot entirely on 16MM and Super 8MM film – ‘Nothing Stops Detroit’ is a short, splice-of-life film documenting Californian street artist Evan Rossell during a painting trip to Detroit City, Michigan in late June 2013.

January In Japan by Scott Gold

Wife and I went to Japan in January, it’s a beautiful place and a beautiful culture.

Heart Of Africa by Michael Sugrue

This film is an abstract composite of my memories and experiences from a trip to Rwanda and Uganda a couple of years ago. It was nothing at all like what I expected. Amid toil and triumph, this is an incredible part of the world, with amazing people doing incredible things. I hope people consider visiting these two countries.

Put on your headphones and watch in a darkened room if you’re serious about watching it.

Nimbus II by Jim Bailey

Part two of my time lapse series dealing with clouds and the things clouds do. Part one of the series was calm and quiet. Part two kicks it up a notch, featuring wind, lightning, shelf clouds and super-cells.

All sequences were shot in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. Mostly Arkansas.

Leave The World Behind by Lune

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