Visual Art By Makoto Yabuki

Makoto Yabuki works as an art director in Tokyo, Japan. He started his career as a visual designer in 1997, and established TANGRAM co.,ltd. with companions in 2003. His artistic range is expansive and his recent works include “scope”, “MANAKAI”, “CONFINE(S)”, “AS ONE”. His works have been presented in international film festivals such as SIGGRAPH, onedotzero, artfutura and ARS Electronica. Since being awarded prizes from all over the world, he has been widely known as a director and his activities keep extending day by day.





White Box

A work made as the visual identity of architects office Sturdy Style. Their corporate identity is home creating without stereotype. The architect faces the white box symbolizing a home, and designs harmony between the life and the environment. By using CG, we can see his imagination graphically. Finally he creates the ideal home with his sincere desire.

senkyou – mergrim


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