What Can You Do With Your Project Management Skills?

What Can You Do With Your Project Management SkillsSource: Pexels

Your working career and your home life could both be furnishing you with skills and experience that can be applied to other areas. Recognising your talents is important because they can be the key to you stepping out and starting your own business. One of the most lucrative and valuable skills you can attain is project management because it is so transferable. What will you do with yours?

1. Home Renovations

Most homeowners will undertake major refurbishments or renovations of their homes at some point in their lives. What they’re looking for is a simple solution they can trust. It might be a kitchen or an extension or even a basement conversion. What they don’t want is to fall foul to cowboys. This is where you might be able to step in.

Project managers are excellent at organising and scheduling. They recognise the resources required and the time scales that each task will take. Project managers are also excellent communicators and people-people. This makes you ideally suited to managing any type of home renovation project.

You will also need to be good at negotiating prices for materials. Some customers will want custom items or special orders. One day you could be sourcing solid surface manufacturers for the perfect kitchen worktop. The next day you might be looking for designer floor tiles. Managing the budget and demanding the best prices is where you excel. Your customers trust you to deliver within budget and on time.

2. Product Development

What Can You Do With Your Project Management Skills

Source: Pexels

Of course, you might be more interested in corporate clients than domestic customers. Perhaps you are hired as a consultant for a new product development project? The same skills and experience will stand you well here too. You might have to present your timeline or schedule to a board of stakeholders or other investors. There may be more research to conduct too. But none of these things are beyond the scope of your previous training or experience.

One of the best ways to approach this kind of work is with a good app or software. There are several to choose from. The one you pick might be one you’ve used with an employer previously. Perhaps you prefer to set up your own templates or documents? Ultimately, you need something that can drill down and present the information graphically for your client to see too.

Your software solution should be cloud based. This enables your clients, contractors or colleagues to collaborate live on the same documents. This might be one of your unique selling points when you are bidding for the job in the first place. So what else do you need?

Many freelance or consultant project managers use networking sites like LinkedIn to find clients. You should also have a good website that adequately details the services you can provide. Ultimately, what you need is the confidence to apply what you know and what you can do to a wide range of projects for different clients and customers. The life of a freelancer or business owner can be quite freeing, if not a little daunting. Are you ready to go out there alone?