What Do You Buy Someone Who Has Everything They Need?

People don’t seem to collect things any more. Movies and music are often digital and people are conscious about waste. Never has buying a gift been so difficult. For children it’s not so hard, but for adults looking for gifts for their partner, it can sometimes be a nightmare. So what do you do?

Practical Gifts Are Rarely Needed

If you are a working adult and you need something, you tend to just go and buy it. The idea of waiting around for Christmas or your birthday to get something you need seems silly. Children have to wait for treats, but adults need not. Sure, you might find something that someone needs, that they have not gotten around to buying yet, but it will probably make for a pretty dull gift. CD collections and Movies are often all digital now too, so the obvious “album and a couple of new films” present is out the window. Obviously you could spend thousands on an amazing gift, but not everyone can afford to spend that kind of money. Big, lavish gifts are not always the best anyway.

Try Something A Little More Unique

I have a couple of top suggestions for interesting gifts that won’t force you into bankruptcy. I found somewhere online where I could print photos and I put together an album of memories for my Mother’s birthday. I found old pictures through social media and scanned some old pictures to make a one-off gift for her. I had friends and family members write notes and well-wishes in the album, creating a unique and treasured gift. It sure beats a new dressing gown or an old vase.

While looking online for somewhere to print photos I also came across another great idea. I read an article about a man who had decided to break from tradition on Valentines Day and instead of the predictable restaurant meal and flowers, he arranged a treasure hunt across half of London. He spent plenty of time, but no money setting up the chase and was waiting at the end with a bottle of wine and his wife’s favourite meal. The date cost almost nothing but was far more memorable than the dozen Valentine’s Days before.

Another simple gift idea is a reunion. I’m not talking about a tacky surprise party, but rather inviting friends your partner rarely gets the chance to see. Once again, their favourite meal always goes down well. Time can fly by and we often miss out on seeing our older friends as often as we would like. A great dinner party with welcome guests can be a great gift.

The answer to finding the perfect gift is right there to be found. Just stop looking in the usual places. Practical gifts are dull and often unnecessary, while lavish gifts just aren’t possible for everyone. The key is to actually do something for someone, not just give them something. It really is the thought that counts.

Jennifer Doherty writes for a wide range of travel websites. She has been travelling around the world for most of her life.