What You Should Know About Anabolic Steroids And Other Drugs Like Them

What You Should Know About Anabolic Steroids And Other Drugs Like ThemSource: Pixabay

Have you been going to the gym almost regularly and you are not seeing any results? Well, this might be because of two reasons. One, you might be doing your exercises the wrong way and two, you are most likely comparing yourself to the wrong people. Well, everybody always have different rates to which their body reacts to the kind of exercises they are doing. The results are always there however slow your body is reacting. But, if you compare yourself to those bulky guys you always see at the gym, you might think there’s nothing you are gaining and this might even demoralize you. However, what you might not know is the fact that these guys always use an extra ingredient, the anabolic steroids. Let’s find out more about them.

1. What Are Anabolic Steroids?

Always compared to the male sex hormone, testosterone, anabolic steroids are some synthetic substances that are always used for medicinal purposes. In some case, doctors may recommend the use of these substances for patients with testosterone deficiency and some types of anemia. There are also some types of steroids known as corticosteroids which can be used to reduce swelling. However, they are not always considered to be anabolic drugs and they certainly don’t have the same side effects. For the young and healthy, the use of these substances is not a good idea and the act is often considered to be illegal without any prescription from the doctor. A lot of these drugs are certainly available in anabolic steroid drugs shop and the most commonly used ones include; dianabol, equipoise, oxandrin, winstrol and anadrol among others.

2. Do They Have Street Names?

Yes they do. Just like any other illegal stuff, these drugs also have a few street names that they go by. For instance, you will often find them being called juice, arnolds, juice and some cases, just steroids. However, their scientific name is anabolic-androgenic steroids where anabolic refers to the process of building muscles and androgenic refers to the increased male characteristics. The short form for the name is anabolic steroids.

3. How Are They Used?

Some users prefer popping pills while others like using needles to inject it directly into their muscles. As we all know, if you continue taking any particular drug in large amounts continuously without any doctor’s prescription, you will deficiency develop an addiction for them. Such people are always known as drug abusers. When it comes to anabolic steroids, some users have been known to go for crazy dosages, even up to 100 times higher than the normal prescription. Some people always prefer using the drugs in a method known as stucking, i.e. using two or more kinds at once. There are claims that this method has the ability to get a user bigger and bulky quite fast. Some people have even come up with their own cycle period which ranges from 6-12 weeks. At the beginning of a cycle, you are required to start with small amounts and then gradually increase the amount with time. When it’s time for the second half of the cycle, they tend to start reducing the dosage again. However, no research has yet been done to ascertain the effectiveness of these methods. Click here to see how they are used.

4. Are There Any Side Effects of Using Steroids?

In science, it is always said that for any action force, you should expect an equal reaction force. This means that, everything has two sides, the good side and an equally bad side. If you ask anyone using steroids, perhaps they might hide the truth from you and try to tell you that everything is okay. But, there are some physical changes that you can clearly see for yourself on the outside. For instance, a persons who has been on these substances for a while will tend to have their hair falling out and pimples popping up in their faces. Other effects include; developing tumors on the liver and clogging the heart. In some cases, extreme users have shown signs of violence and can go on angry rampages within a short time. In short, you need to have in mind that as much as steroids can make you grow big and bulky, they can also put you in some health risks as well. On the outside, you might look good and you will definitely be pleased by how ripped and strong you look. But, on the inside, you might be developing some serious problems. The use of these substances should be controlled, and if possible, you shouldn’t be using them at all. Treating the diseases that comes with use of these substances can be quite costly and in some cases, they might even lead to death. See this link for more https://www.drugs.com/article/anabolic-steroids.html

5. Can They Cause Hormone Imbalances?

Yes, they can. As we all know, hormone balance is often an important aspect in life, especially for teenagers. This is what causes the development of both feminine and masculine traits in girls and boys. When one becomes an extreme user, you might start experiencing gender mix-up issues. For boys, there has been cases of shrunken testicles and their sperm count being reduced. They can also start growing breasts, something that will appear to be quite weird. This condition is always known as gynecomastia. For the girls, they will develop a more masculine body, their voice will deepen and they will start growing excessive hair on their body. The size of their breast will also reduce.

6. More Risks for Teens

If you start abusing steroids at an early age, you will be risking staying short or having a stunted growth . This means you will never reach your full adult height. Naturally, the body always stops to grow after going through puberty. When your hormone levels have reached a certain point, your body will already think it has already gone through puberty and therefore your bones won’t experience any growth afterwards.

7. Conclusion

Using drugs is not a bad idea, especially if they are being used solely for medicinal purposes. However, you shouldn’t be using more than is required. You can click here to see more. Also, make sure that you have a doctor’s prescription before using any drug substance. You can still have a good body shape without using steroids. But, if it is a must to use them, seek a doctor’s intervention.