When You See A Good Business, Pounce On It

When You See A Good Business, Pounce On ItSource: Pexels

So many people have good ideas for a business. Where the majority of people fail is not in the idea or even in the planning, but in the execution. It’s no good have a brilliant business idea, making the best business plan possible and then screwing things up when it comes to actually making things happen. In the real world, this is where people fail not in the boardroom. The boardroom is actually quite a cosy place at times because it’s where all the hypotheticals live. Many ideas that seem great on paper never truly become what they should have or could have when implemented. So as somebody looking in from the outside, is there a way you can notice this? And if so, could you use it to your advantage? Investing in stocks is not something that is complicated in it’s basic premise. You see something you like and most likely you do so because it’s showing itself to be successful, and you invest. Quite literally riding the coattails of a company towards a more prosperous future. Here are signs for newcomers to the stock market, that are worthy of potential investment.

1. What The CEO Says

Many CEOs around the world will eventually make some kind of public speech. They might have an interview in front of a live audience or with a news network. Judging by what they say you can surmise what kind of attitude they have. Most importantly, what kind of direction they are going to take a company in while they are at the helm. For example, YouTube has had many problems for the previous couple years because of the drastic changes in advertising. Companies are no longer willing to have their ads shown on potentially controversial content. This has led many content creators on the platform to question the company, with regards to does it support them or the investors? Susan Wojcicki did an interview in which she said she did not support ‘micro-aggressions’. This led many creators to believe that any kind of content that is eyebrow-raising will not be supported by the platform. Consequently, now more creators are selling their own merchandise and using companies like Patreon to support themselves. Would you invest in this kind of company?

2. You Can’t Be Growth

One thing you cannot discard is continued growth. It’s simply irrefutable as the unfettered march toward being worth more and more cannot be avoided. You can learn about investing in stocks for beginners where the signs of growth and a stable stock are explained. There is always a need to diversify but sometimes it’s okay to put most of your eggs in one basket. The opposite is highly speculative stocks that have projections of growth rather than real evidence. You will learn to not take someone else’s word for it, no matter how educated they are in the stock market.

When you see a good business that is listening to its customers and performing in a manner that reflects their wishes, you should pounce on the stock. However, only after showing consistent growth should you invest in the stocks.