Which Pressure Regulators Do I Need?

Which Pressure Regulators Do I Need?Source: Pexels

Pressure regulators have a variety of uses in both industrial and residential applications. Pneumatic pressure regulators are actually valves but they are a special type of valve designed to control and maintain a constant pressure regardless of the input or output of the compressed air system. Regulators accomplish this with just a simple wire spring that adjusts to keep pressure under control.

Pneumatic regulators, such as Arrow regulators, assess the pressure of flammable, liquid, gas and toxic fluids. Each regulator measures specific liquids as each liquid has different chemical properties. The different properties give the liquids different characteristics that affect the pressure both needed and safe within a specific instrument, equipment or machine.

1. Operating Basics

Different regulators have different purposes. When choosing to purchase one, you should consider the size, weight, temperature compatibility, flow requirements and operating pressures of the fluid or gas being regulated. The regulator features a sensing element, a reference force element and a restrictive or pressure reducing element. Using these three elements together, the regulator determines the set pressure.

2. Materials Used

Brass is the most used for common applications because of its affordability. Plastic is used for throw away or low-cost options. Corrosive environments need the use of a stainless steel regulator. When weight is a consideration, aluminum is often used because it is lighter.

3. General Applications

Regulators are used for things like regulating natural gas in home furnaces, controlling compressed air systems for pneumatic automation systems, regulating hydrogen in fuel cells and in vehicle engines for fuel regulation. Mechanics use a regulator on their air compressor to operate their air tools. Helium tanks feature a pressure regulator even for the simple task of blowing up party balloons.

Whether you need to replace the pressure regulator on your gas grill or a piece of medical equipment, these basics are a good place to start. Find the right regulator for your needs and your industry.