Why A Better Office Means Better Business: 3 Improvements To Consider

Why A Better Office Means Better Business: 3 Improvements To ConsiderSource: Pexels

Your office is at the heart of your business- it’s where a significant part of the work you do takes place and so you need a good environment to work from. Maybe you’re experiencing reduced productivity, or perhaps things are going well and you just want to make improvements- either way, the office is a good place to start. Here are a few ideas for changes you could make.

1. Spruce Up The Decor

We’re all affected by our surroundings, and when you and your employees spend such a significant amount of time in the office it makes sense to get it looking as nice as possible. A bright, fresh and spacious office will help to boost mood, increase productivity and it can also impress any customers or clients that come to your workplace. Lay new contract carpet to freshen up the flooring, paint the walls a light neutral colour, change up the window treatments if the current blinds are a little too heavy and add living plants too. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but a simple spruce up really can make a big difference so it’s something to consider if your office hasn’t been redecorated in some time.

2. Make It More Environmentally Friendly

We all know the importance of looking after the environment, and chances are when you’re at home you carefully recycle, compost where possible and reduce your water consumption and general waste as much as you can. However, is the same true of your habits in the office? One way you can make your office more environmentally friendly is by reducing your plastic use- instead of single use pens and cartridges in printers for example- choose refillable options. Reduce the amount of paper you use by taking everything online- instead of paper invoices and receipts for example can you email these to clients instead? Recycle carefully to, make sure the waste that you do produce is being recycled where possible to reduce what goes to incinerators and landfill. As a business owner, it’s your duty to ensure your company isn’t causing unnecessary damage to the planet.

3. Solve Storage Problems

One way you can make your office more efficient is by storing and organising your files correctly. If you’re still using paper methods, these take up a lot of space, they’re easily damaged and hard to access. One improvement you can make is taking everything online, and you can do this by utilising the cloud. Your data is encrypted for safety, but also gives you the ability to access it from any computer you want. It solves storage issues which is practical and improves the aesthetics of your office. It also allows you to easily search for the information you need instead of trawling through old folders. Because things like tax and account information needs to be kept for many years, it’s easy for paperwork to build up in business and become unmanageable. Get with the times and update to online and cloud systems.

Have you put much thought into how you can improve your office space?