Why Customer Reviews Matter [Infographic]

Why Customer Reviews Matter Infographic

Customer reviews are useful for both businesses and consumers. Consumers use them to decide which products and services to buy, while businesses get a better understanding of how customers feel about them. Reviews are important for helping to drive businesses toward improvement, as well as for helping to build their reputation. Make sure you pay attention to reviews for these important reasons.

1. Impact on Customer Decisions

Customer reviews influence how new customers make decisions. Even existing customers might abandon a business if enough people start to leave negative reviews, even if they don’t have a negative experience themselves. When bad reviews are left by customers, businesses must be sure to take action. They should reply to reviews and try to offer a solution if possible.

2. Strengthen Credibility

Reviews from customers also help to strengthen credibility for a business. The more reviews there are, the more it can help to build the business’s reputation and create trust. If a business has no customer reviews, it can seem like there are no customers, and people will have a difficult time deciding whether to take a gamble on a new company.

3. Influencing Product Development

Customer reviews can be used to influence product development too. Online reviews can provide valuable data, which can be used by product developers to improve their products. For example, reviews can help developers to learn undiscovered demands from customers so that they can meet the needs of customers more easily. However, many reviews are needed in order for them to be truly useful.

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham