Why Design Is So Important For Leaflets And Flyers

Why Design Is So Important For Leaflets And FlyersSource: Pexels

Direct mail is an important part of any marketing strategy. You might be forgiven for thinking that in today’s internet-dominated world, email and social media marketing rule, but the reality is that not everyone live their life online. Some people do inhabit the real world, so if you want to capture this lucrative audience and reel in customers from the local area, leaflets and flyers are essential.

Leaflets and marketing flyers work by thrusting your brand in the customer’s face. Unlike an email, people generally do look at a flyer or a leaflet, particularly if they have picked one up in-store. However, to be effective, the design needs to be spot on.

1. Quality Marketing Materials

Most people make an immediate decision about whether they want to read the content. If the design is poor or it looks unprofessional, the customer will probably bin the leaflet and miss the message completely. This is why it is better to pay a professional design company such as showcasecreative.com to design your marketing materials, as the end result will be so much more effective.

There are several things to consider when designing leaflets and flyers, so to help you streamline your design process, here are some tips to get you started.

2. First Impressions Count

First impressions count. A leaflet crammed full of dense text is off-putting in the extreme. We are all busy people, so who on earth has time to read chapter and verse about your latest product launch or special offers. It is important not to fill a direct marketing product with too much text. White space is just as effective as text, so space out blocks of text and use images and graphics to break the design up.

Quality counts, too. Cheap leaflets produced using free software are rarely very effective. If your customer picks up a leaflet that could have been designed as a school project, they will assume your business is cheap, which is hardly the best impression to make. You don’t need to spend a fortune on design and printing costs, but you do need to use a decent quality paper with photo quality printing.

3. Easy to Read Text

Direct marketing materials need to be instantly readable. If a leaflet’s text is too small or a weird font, you are immediately discriminating against anyone with poor eyesight. People don’t have the time to waste deciphering strange text on a difficult to read colour. Text needs to be large and printed in a dark colour, or if you are using a dark background, use white text.

4. Strong Call to Action

Include important contact information on your direct mail leaflets and flyers. There is little point in spending money sending out leaflets advertising a sale if customers don’t know how to find you. You should also include your social media links, plus an email address, and website address. QR codes are useful, too, since many people have QR code reading apps on their smartphone.

If direct mail leaflets and flyers are not working as well as you hoped, look at ways to improve the design.