Why You Have A High Employee Turnover [Infographic]

Why You Have A High Employee Turnover Infographic

If you have a high employee turnover, it can begin to feel pretty nightmarish for your business. The fact is, a high employee turnover usually means you’re doing something wrong. It isn’t them, it’s you. Here are some insights that could give you a clue as to why:

1. You’re Not Keeping Them Engaged

Engaged employees don’t leave a company easily. They become more loyal, they’re more productive, and they enjoy their jobs. If you don’t take much of an interest in your employees, fail to speak to them often or give them feedback, they’re going to disengage with the work place. It’ll become just another job to them. Make sure you take the time to listen to them and consider their needs. Treat each member as an individual, and take an active interest in their jobs and even their home lives.

2. Your Policies Are Outdated

Companies are becoming more and more modern, with things like flexi-time, the option to work from home occasionally, and different policies designed to make working life easier and more enjoyable for an employee. If you’re super strict with outdated policies, you’re not going to keep your employees happy.

3. You’re Not Taking the Time to Make Sure You Hire the Right People

Making the right hire is crucial. If you hire the wrong person for the job, chances are they’ll realize it sooner or later and leave. Choosing people who have had similar job roles or even those who already work for you is a good move to make. You can look at the infographic below for further help.

credit to labourhireperth.com.au