Wonderful Wintertime: How To Make The Most Of Your Home Until The Spring

Wonderful Wintertime How To Make The Most of Your Home Until The SpringSource: Pexels

Once Christmas has been and gone it can feel like the countdown to spring is on. We usually wish away the first few months of the year where it gets dark quickly, it’s cold outside and we’re all spent out from the festive season. However there’s a certain magic to the winter, you’re no longer counting down the days til you’re visited by St Nick but you don’t need to write off January and February. It’s actually a time where you can really enjoy your home, so crank up the heating and enjoy the colder weather in the following ways.

1. Pamper Yourself

Many of us get on board with a ‘new year, new me’ mentality in January. If you’ve made a vow to live better and take care of yourself, one thing you can do is have regular pamper nights. Not only will these benefit your skin, hair and nails depending on the products you use, but long soaks in the bath can reduce blood pressure while the hot water unwinds tense muscles. Spending this time on yourself is great for wellbeing and is a good way to look after yourself while the weather is cold outside. Buy yourself some fluffy new towels and a new bath mat, some scented candles to set the mood and some cosy new pyjamas to relax in afterwards. Spruce up the cosy areas of your home such as your bedroom and living room, light a fire or crank up the heating and relax!

2. Consume Some Media

When it’s warm and sunny outside, it can feel like sitting in is a bit of a waste. However when it’s freezing cold and you’re at home, it’s the perfect chance to consume some media in your spare time. You could download some books from Amazon onto your Kindle. You could watch some movies or tv series on Netflix, you could play a computer game. You could go on something like the new BetEast betting site and try your luck with some casino games. Whether you’re hosting a night in with friends or just relaxing by yourself, enjoy your games or hobby room or set up the sofa with comfy throws and cushions and lose yourself in another world for a while.

3. Enjoy Some Delicious Food

Just because you’re eating healthily doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some delicious food and drink. You could whip up things like soups and stews that are full of lean protein, vegetables and herbs. Homemade chillies, curries, lasagnes and pasta dishes can all be packed out with vegetables, herbs and spices and are fantastic winter warmers that are also good for you. How about getting busy in the kitchen and seeing what you can create, you could have friends over for dinner parties to demonstrate what you’ve made. In a few months time it will be barbeque and picnic season again, but for now you could embrace season produce and the flavours of winter and cook at home where it’s warm! Check out the January sales for things like pots and pans, dining room furniture and more. These are usually expensive to buy full price, so you could snag a bargain.