Working And Playing On The Go – Gadgets For Business And Leisure

Many people commute large distances each day to their place of work and when on a train or a bus; this time can feel like the big build up to a busy day but it is easy to get ahead of the game with a series of great Gadgets to improve your daily commute.

If you should choose a generally relaxing commute, preparing for the day by switching off and escaping to an imaginative world; eBook readers such as the Amazon Kindle could be the best solution. A basic eBook reader can allow you to carry a collection of your books around without needing a suitcase on wheels and as it is not connected to email etc there will be no interruptions (unless you include your fellow commuters, train announcements or phone calls if you forget to turn your phone on silent). A pair of Bluetooth headphones can allow you to relax with your favourite music and control your mp3 player without taking it out of your pocket so it is the ultimate in convenience on a crowded train or bus. The Versus Zync Bluetooth headphones are affordable and with on board controls they are ultra convenient.

Obviously the first gadget for the work ready commuter (or for those who haven’t quite switched off for the day) would be a smartphone; not only can colleagues get in touch with you easily over the phone but they can text and email you and with the ability to read important documents, you can keep up with the office and world news before you even sit at your desk in the morning. Plus the great thing is that with a smartphone you have everything built in with various apps for work as well as pleasure as you can turn to a range of playful games should you get the opportunity or feel the need to take a break. Samsung has a range of great Smartphones and the Galaxy range is riding high on the waves of success at the moment so a Samsung Galaxy smartphone could be the perfect commuting companion.

The next step up from the smartphone would be a tablet PC such as an Android tablet or an iPad and while slightly bigger to carry around than a smartphone it can be a bigger canvas to read important emails, documents and even type up proposals and documents more easily than on the tiny keyboard of a smartphone. Also, many tablet PCs also have keyboards that can be attached to the module and used on trains and buses, being easily packed away when the time comes to make the walk to the office.

For jotting down ideas there are a series of electronic writing pads such as the Boogie Board range of LCD tablets that can store ideas, drawings and other doodles to make that commute not only interesting but also fun and what’s more, you are saving paper too!

There are so many fantastic gadgets for your commute to work that you will forget about that boring journey in the mornings and turn it to your advantage and on the train on the way home you can stay in touch with work or simply tune into to your favourite shows to wind down after a hectic day. Whatever works for you!

Sue Williams is a freelance technology writer writing articles on everything ranging from her favourite gadget, the Visopix Android TV to the latest and greatest in technological advances, particularly in the area of mobile phones.

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