Write For Us

There are currently two ways you can contribute to spoutFIRE.com. Either write an article for us to be published on the site or suggest work that you think demands our attention.

We are looking for high quality written articles about the topics we cover such as Design, Development, Photography, Travel, Technology and Media.

If you have written a piece that you think is suitable then please email us at the address contact@spoutfire.com.

Make A Suggestion

If you don’t want to submit a full article but you have work that you think we might enjoy, either created by you or someone else, then by all means let us know about it. We are always happy to hear from our readers and you might just end up becoming a featured artist.

Why Contribute?

We are a fairly new website but we feel we have a big future in this market. By contributing to the website you will gain exposure for your work, business, website etc. and increase your reputation. Act now and join us at the beginning of this journey, you never know where we’ll all be in a year or two.

Writing for us you will get your own profile page containing all the articles you have written and you will feature on the “Our Writers” section of the About Us page.

All published articles are promoted on our social sites, including but not limited to, Twitter and Google+. Promoting your own articles once they are published is also a great way to increase their reach.

What You Need To Know

When sending us your article(s) please consider the following to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

1. Your article must appeal to our readership. To get a feel for what that includes, take some time to familiarise yourself with the sites categories, as well as previously published articles. If you are unsure then Ask.

2. We now use large images that have a width of 800px. If sending pictures with your articles please make them at least this width. You do not have to supply pictures with your articles, but we do believe articles that have pictures look better.

3. If this is your first article, please provide a couple of sentences about yourself to use as a profile. This can include links to your own sites and social network pages.

4. To have an avatar picture appear with your profile, please create an account at Gravatar.com, if you haven’t already. The picture you use there will also be the one displayed on this site. You must create an account using the email address you used to contact us with.

5. A good command of the English language is required. We do not mind making a few minor alterations but we do not have the time to re-write or translate.

6. We reserve the right to make minor edits or changes to your articles to improve spelling grammar etc. and make it more appealing to our audience or better match our sites design.

7. If you want the article published by a certain date then let us know before hand, but be aware that this isn’t always possible.

8. We prefer quality over quantity.

Please direct all emails to contact@spoutfire.com except advertising enquiries, for which you should use advertise@spoutfire.com.